Here we go! Thank you for agreeing to participate in the review of the first Pump the Bump product prototype and sample subscription service.  What an awesome adventure we are about to take together! 




First, let me admit how surreal this moment is. In 2017 it was clear to me that my future would be focused on postpartum fitness and maternal health. However, I had no idea that I'd bring concepts to market by early 2018. Sending a package with a sample of TWO products I've developed virtually with TWO moms in less than TWO months is thrilling to say the least. 

 Each prototype package includes the following items: 

  1. Prototype of the first Kettlebell Kid product which is a weightless, plush panda in a kettlebell shape
  2. Prototype of a Kettlebell Kid heart-shaped voice recorder which allows you to record messages to your child for instruction and/or motivation
  3. Sample of the Sweaty Mommy Survival Guide subscription service materials which help moms discover new ways to interact with their children at home through fitness and creative play
  4. Handful of pom poms for one of the sensory activities to help get you started

These items are for you to keep and continue using after the prototype review process is complete. We hope that it will be a fun edition to your home workout routines and your child(ren) will enjoy the plush panda for years to come! 

Based on the squad we chose, we made a few assumptions: 

  1. You are familiar with beginner fitness moves and therefore we did not need to describe or demonstrate in detail how to execute each move safely
  2. Your child has been next to you or engaged with you in a workout experience at least once and therefore will not be distracted by what he/she is seeing you do for the first time
  3. You know your body intimately enough to know your own health condition and therefore we did not include disclaimers about postpartum health or speaking with a medial professional
  4. You know your child's health intimately therefore we did not include disclaimers about speaking with your child's pediatrician


This page is intended to guide your participation in the review process and provide quick links to give feedback. We want to make the best use of your time so the process is standardized to receive common "baseline" feedback from each mom.

We estimate the review process will take less than 2 hours.  

But if you have time and interest in sharing more video clips and written comments than bring on all the additional candid feedback you have time to share!

The questionnaire will be available at the bottom of this page. The Google Form is set up to accept multiple entries if you are unable to finish the questionnaire in one sitting. 



    We are looking for feedback on: 1- your child's experience with his/hers first very own kettlebell, 2- specific features of the kettlebell design, and 3- price point. 

    LET YOUR CHILD REACT NATURALLY TO THE EXPERIENCE! The more they are themselves, the better our product can meet their needs. Each kid will respond differently and we want to see the good, bad, and ugly of it all! 

    VIDEOS- We ask that you text or email me a series of 1 min phone video clips of the following experiences: 

    1. Child seeing the kettlebell for the first time and how he/she reacts to receiving it.
    2. Child involved in independent, unstructured free play with the kettlebell on his/her own with no guidance or involvement with you.
    3. Child involved with Sweaty Mommy Survival guided movement with the kettlebell next to you during your workout. Depending on age, your child may be laying on a mat next to you, jumping around you, or being able to follow exercises with you.


    The video recorder is the newest edition to the product line! How moms intend to use the recorder has not been fleshed out yet so we ask you to have fun with it and see what happens. The recorder may ultimately go inside the panda, it may become a separate feature, it may change design/shape... the options are endless based on your feedback! 

    VIDEOS- We ask that you text or email me a series of 1 min phone video clips testing out the recorder. Depending on your child's age, sample messages could include: 

    • You're smart. You're strong. You're happy. 
    • Touch the panda to your right toe. Touch the panda to your left toe.
    • Let's jump as high as we can and count together! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 

    On the back of the recorder you will find a P-R switch which allows you to record or play when squeezed. There is also a "mic" below the switch. Flip the switch to the R, squeeze the heart between your fingers, hold the mic to your mouth, and record messages to your child. Flip the switch to the P, squeeze the heart, and listen to the messages! Let your little one be fascinated hearing your voice coming from the inside of the recorder! You can delete and record over and over again to mix up the messages during one session or every session. 

    PART THREE- Sweaty Mommy Survival Guide Review

    We are looking for feedback on: 1- your experience with the handouts, 2- the workout series, 3- the sensory play activities, and 4- the prep/clean up of the daily experience.  

    At minimum,  please attempt at least 1 kettlebell workout and 1 sensory play workout. 

    We provided you with a sample week Monday-Friday. If you are able to complete your usual workout routine in a way that incorporates the kettlebell and the sensory play that is completely fine. We want to enhance what you already do- not disrupt your usual routine!  

    VIDEOS- We ask that you text or email me a series of 1 min phone video clips of the following experiences: 

    1. Reading through the materials and talking with your child about what you will be doing together. Do this regardless of your child's age. 
    2. The process of shopping, setting up and/or taking down the sensory activities. 
    3. Your child's behavior in independent play with the activities next to you or involved with you if the child is interested in doing the activity together. 
    Screenshot (1).png


    You've come this far in the experience so don't hold back now! 


    I made a decision to guide this process by "momcode" over legal nondisclosure agreements. I trust that moms in this squad are participating in good faith and intend to maintain confidentiality until the crowdfunding campaign is public. I understand that friends and family will see the items at your home, but I respectfully ask that you do not share any information over your social sites or blogs. 

    After all of the feedback is collected, the information will be summarized and shared with you! There will be multiple opportunities to be involved in the product roll out. We hope that you will consider staying involved through contributing content, creating workout videos, participating in paid affiliate programs, etc.

    It bears repeating... THANK YOU for giving your time and energy to improving the first products from Pump the Bump! What the future holds is uncharted territory and it's awesome to imagine the potential impact we can have maternal health and child development for families around the world!

    Furthermore, the gratitude I have for my two product partner moms Purusha (My Baby Heartbeat Bears) and Angela (Run Like Kale) is difficult to describe. Perfect strangers trusting each other with their valuable time, resources, and relationships has served as a daily reminder of the kindness and generosity available to us everyday if we seek it out.