Mom Squad Marketing DRAFT

Pump the Bump has been talking with moms for over 6 years and we have received a lot of inside scoops on how moms prefer to hear from brands, what messages influencer posts send, and methods to learn about new products. No formal research survey was conducted. Just years of casual chatting through Instagram, email and phone calls. [insert more]

Moms shared with me that they would much rather understand:

  • your “why” behind starting your business so they could connect with your story as an entrepreneur (and mother)

  • [insert more]

Bottom line- blatant product placement with blog posts and influencer stories has become their least favorite advertising method.

So we are taking another approach here at Pump the Bump. We want to build a connection between you and our community so moms feel your support and therefore feel driven to support you too! [insert more]


Mom Squad Support Sponsorship Options


Blog Posts- Stories behind you and your brand

[insert more]


Pep Talk Videos- 3 to 5 minute motivational messages

[insert more]


Instagram Static Posts or Stories- Quotes

[insert more]

[formatting was not working so just writing out options below]

  • Affiliate Links-

  • Gift guides- Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, International Woman’s Day, New Years

  • Emails- Individual emails focused on brand OR embedded quotes within an email for another purpose

  • Product Discount Codes-”squad swag specials”

  • Product Giveaways - once a month giveaway basket for listserve members

  • Event Announcements

  • Find your tribe- we can include pregnancy and postpartum friendly locations