Saturday, May 6th
Eager Park, East Baltimore
1812 Ashland Avenue (near Starbucks) 

7:00-8:00am Vendor Registration and Set up
8:00-9:00am Participant Registration and warm up
9:00am Fun Run

9:00-11:30am Participant run and festivities
11:30-12:00pm Clean Up



Zone 1: Registration/Info table, waivers, Pixilated photo booth & partner tables
Zone 2: Painting activities, partner tables & Breastfeeding Den tent
Zone 3: Lawn activities with Volo City Kids
Zone 4: Partner/Volunteer check in tent, class area, food vendors
Zone 5: Main Stage
Zone 6: Eager Street start/stop - our fun run will start and end here!
Zone 7: Knockerball, Fit4Mom class & other lawn activities
Zone 8: Moon bounce & obstacle course


Click the map to make it larger!

Click the map to make it larger!


Arrival & Set Up 7:00-8:00am

Vendor and volunteer check in will be at our secondary tent by the main stage, right off Eager Street! 

Fresh coffee and light breakfast goodies available. Starbucks will be open. You may want to consider bringing additional water and snacks to eat throughout the morning! 

For security purposes, please keep personal belongings to a minimum and in a purse/bag that you can keep on you at all times. There will not be a secured space to store personal items during the event.  


  • Attire- Come comfy and ready for a fast-moving morning! 
  • Parking- Vendors should park as close to their assigned area as possible, unload, and then move your car to street parking or the FREE parking garage attached to Walgreen's on Ashland Avenue. (GPS- 900 N Washington St #1, Baltimore, MD 21205). 
  • Check in- Ask for Kate. Look for ladies with Hawaiian leis! 
  • Pick Up- Vendors will receive a lanyard with a Momma Move "ID Badge" and a whistle. This will help you stand out in a crowd for assistance and help you get the attention for assistance as needed. 


  • Attire- Come comfy and ready for a fast-moving morning! 
  • Parking- Volunteers are encouraged to park in the FREE Walgreen's parking lot. (GPS- 900 N Washington St #1, Baltimore, MD 21205)
  • Check in- Ask for Kat or Krissy. Look for ladies with Hawaiian lies! 
  • Pick Up- Volunteers will receive a lanyard with a Momma Move "ID Badge" and a whistle. This will help you stand out in a crowd for assistance and help you get the attention for assistance as needed. 

Event Festivities 8:00-11:30am

For full schedule of events click here

Vendors and volunteers will be setting up as registration begins. Tables set up near registration area will be asked to assist with participants signing waivers. Activities in greenspace will have a "floaters" so waivers are signed before participating. 

Volunteers should see assignments below. 

Clean Up 11:30am

The entire event will be over by 12pm to allow for space transition for afternoon activities.

All vendors should be items packed in cars by 12pm and volunteers will be able to offer assistance. 




Volunteer Coordinators- Kat and Krissy

Set Up- Includes assisting Kate, Ali & Erin with setting up all event materials, putting out donated food, directing early arrivals, etc. 

Registration- Includes distributing giveaway bags, signing waivers, giving directions for event, etc. For waivers, there will be designated people at main table and floaters to ensure every participant has signed a waiver and has a stamp on his/her hand before participating in the event. 

  • Waivers Main table- Sam, Deann, and Chrissy plus select vendor booths will have supplies to assist 
  • Waivers Floaters- Will be assigned as needed upon arrival & some will be stationed near activity areas 
  • Prizes and Promo table- Kym (raffle prizes, Pump the Bump shirts, raffle ticket bucket, etc) 

Mother's Day Homemade Arts Area- Includes set up/clean up of  area, managing 3 stations; details will be printed out and provided for the station including sample ideas for race metals, instructions for the coloring contest, supplies, etc. 

  • Paintings for Mom- Tiffany (plus 2-3 friends)
  • Homemade Race Metals- Karin, Qianna
  • Bemore Kind Coloring Contest- Tyronda (plus 5 friends) 

Fun Run- Includes all things fun run oriented- Devon and Girls on the Run team, Keri & family



We are aware of the weather forecast calling for rain. We are planning to have the event as planned unless there is lightening. Please plan to join us as if the event is going to happen flawlessly!

If there is mist/rain, we will change course accordingly. We believe we can still host the fun run and fitness classes in the weather. We are also trying to secure an indoor space for the arts and crafts activities in a nearby business. 

Stay tuned for updates on our website, social media accounts and here in email for updates during the morning!