Pop Up Profile: Tootsies

Pop Up Profile: Tootsies

Dear Pump the Bump,

I fear the expansion of my feet! What I can do in my first trimester to avoid this by my third?

- Paige, California, USA

75% of all women will experience swelling in their legs, ankles and feet during pregnancy. While it is possible to reduce the amount of inflammation, it is not possible to avoid it altogether, even if you take precautionary measures early on. Here are just a few tips however to help in all 3 trimesters to decrease the levels of swelling: 1) Reduce salt intake 2) Avoid long periods of standing or sitting 3) Wear comfortable shoes 4) Sleep on your side 5) Drink lots of water 6) Wear compression socks. If you are able to implement some or all these tips, they will help to reduce overly extended periods of swelling, which is one of the causes of permanent changes in foot size due to pregnancy.


Why socks? What personal experience led you to decide to build a brand focused exclusively on socks?

I was a former professional track and field athlete, competing in the Olympics 5 times in the long jump. As an athlete, I wore compression socks for many years to help with recovery, blood circulation, shin splints, fatigue and soreness. One day a pregnant friend of mine was complaining of swollen feet and ankles and I suggested she try a pair of compression socks to help alleviate her symptoms because I was confident from my own experience that they would help. I gave her a pair of athletic branded socks that I had but thought she should go to a maternity store and buy a more stylish pair. She told me that this was not available at any maternity store she had visited. Much to my surprise, she was correct and in an instant, the idea for Tootsies, a fun and fashionable line of compression socks specifically branded for the maternity market came to be. For me, it is the perfect marriage between two of my favorite things - sports and fashion - and I believe that it is providing a much needed product for women everywhere.


Other than during pregnancy,
what reasons have women shared for when they wear your socks?

Aside from pregnancy, compression socks are perfect for exercise/workouts, travel, varicose and spider veins, soreness, fatigue, muscle tone and stability and for people that are on their feet all day (nurses, doctors, hairstylists, etc).


Where do you see the movement of women being fit and active while pregnant headed in 2017? How do you/your product fit into the movement?

The movement of women being fit and active while pregnant is definitely on the rise! Pump the Bump is a perfect example of the fact that as they are becoming more and more aware, women are taking advantage of all the benefits of having a fit pregnancy such as improved mood, easier deliveries, healthier babies, less weight gain, better sleep, and improved mobility.

Compression socks have long been recognized as a great recovery tool for anyone that workouts routinely. Tootsies is the perfect addition to the wardrobe of any mom-to-be who is making fitness and health (and style) a priority.

What’s one piece of priceless advice or assistance given to you that you wish other people received too? 

One thing I've learned for sure over the years both as an athlete and as a personal trainer (and that I wish I knew when I was gaining that Freshman 15 in college) is the importance of a consistent, healthy diet. The word "diet" is not temporary. It is a way of life and it begins way before a women decides to get pregnant. Choosing to eat healthy on a daily basis will take you through puberty, stress, disappointment, happiness, workouts, periods of inactivity, highs, lows and yes, pregnancy too. If you establish a routine from early on, it will be 10 times easier to navigate through all the ups and downs that life has to bring. Maintaining your weight and health is 80% what you eat and 20% what you do (workouts, etc). I always say this - Take care of your body and your body will take care of you!

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Active moms-to-be might find it challenging to make the time to elevate their feet however, there are always 10-15 minute windows of opportunity throughout the day. Whenever you sit down to watch television or use some form of electronics or read a book for instance, it is the perfect time to prop up your feet. When such opportunities arise, try to put 2-3 pillows under your feet. Keeping your feet elevated helps to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling in the ankles, legs and feet and it also relieves pressure on the uterus.

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