Sweaty Mommy Survival Guide Tip #13: Protect the Skin You're In

Sweaty Mommy Survival Guide Tip #13: Protect the Skin You're In

We recently shared Belli Skincare as an affordable, at-home spa option to treat yourself. Whether you are a #fitmom and #fitmomstobe, this one brand has your unique body needs covered. 

Belli initially stood out to us because of their safety screening process. They feed the curiosity of the modern mama- putting medical studies before heresy and old wives’ tales. Plus their up-front explanations of why they allow, or more importantly don’t allow, certain ingredients gives us an education along with convenient shopping features. 

They've actually change how we review other skincare brands in a few ways. 

The ingredients. (Or lack thereof.)

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Belli’s line is recommended by OBGYNs, dermatologists, and its users. Cautious about ingredients you’re putting on your skin? You won’t find any synthetic or natural ingredients that have possible harmful links to pregnant and nursing mothers. The website lists many common ingredients that are not found in any Belli products, including parabens, fragrances, aloe vera, rosemary, artificial dyes, and more. The company also doesn’t test on animals and follows many safety recommendations by medical professionals.

The effectiveness.

The ingredients are intentional. That philosphy doesn’t always result in products that are effective: but in Belli’s case, they do. Reviewers love the acne medicine, both for pregnancy-related acne and those who struggled with acne prior to pregnancy. Many other brands’ acne products include ingredients that don’t pass Belli’s safety test, so Belli’s face wash and acne control spot treatment is perfect for those changing hormones that bring teenage acne back to pregnant mothers. The facial moisturizer is one of the most popular and reviewers all comment on its light feeling. Belli’s ingredient research and volunteer testing ensure that their products work.

The gift-giving potential.

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Belli organizes a couple of baskets with clear purposes: a “Best Baby Bump” duo of lotion and body oil, a “Multi-tasking Must-have”kit  including face wash, facial scrub, lip balm, belly oil, and a facial hydrator, and more. There are items designed for pregnant and postpartum moms - including reviewer-praised stretchmark cream. All items can be used by anyone, mother or not. They are a great gift for anyone who appreciates high-quality lotions, oils, and washes.

The pickiness.

If you can’t tell from the attention paid to ingredient safety, Belli is a company that cares about its users. It doesn’t test on animals, and Belli describes, in an upfront and understandable manner, the research behind their decisions on including and excluding ingredients and processes. They even offer you the option to message their medical consultant to ask any questions. How do you top a company that has this culture? We’re glad to see a research-based company that shares their research so you know you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin. Also, the products are made in the US (Irving, Texas, to be exact).

With all the products to purchase for you and your little one during pregnancy, quality skincare products can seem like a luxury you shouldn't budget for or add to your baby shower registry. We think you should reconsider that perspective. A mama who establishes a realistic self-care routine during pregnancy is more likely to sustain her active pregnancy goals through postpartum. Life will change but your skin is always your own. 

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