PB [&] J - Entry #9

PB [&] J - Entry #9

The PB [&] J is a space for moms to be sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, but always all naturally you!

Moms are natural problem solvers. We’re always searching for a way to stop the madness of the massive amount of baby gear multiplying right before our eyes! Add to that, the situations that lead us to buy more than one of the same product to keep our sanity can be just too much!

The parents behind PopYum felt overwhelmed by all the feeding products for their adopted son Jordan (just try not to smile when you see him) and wanted to design a new product with a built-in #busymom backup plan!

PopYum features.png

So they invested in developing an innovative baby bottle prototype and launched a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of bringing their bottles into our homes by December 2017.

If you missed the video, the key feature... PopYum stores water and formula separately in THE SAME bottle. WHAT! Just one bottle you can rest in a cup holder at Stroller Strides or toss in a diaper bag before heading to the gym? For moms also doing a combo of breastmilk and formula it’s a one-stop-shop for you too! The wide-mouth design makes it easy to prep when you only have one hand available and simple to clean when your second hand is back to being yours.

Pump the Bump mamas were able to check it out firsthand at a recent event, and all agreed it was an obvious solution to a common mom challenge. Time to modernize the baby bottle!

But what fulltime working mom decides to put her passion behind popping a new twist on such a standardized product? An ambitious, active mama that’s who! Given that Jordan joined the family through adoption, they bottle fed him since day one. Their on-the-go lifestyle had them packing gear in diaper bags for daycare by day and packing more gear into suitcases for globetrotting, camping, snowboarding family adventurers on weekends. Remembering all the pieces and parts and supplies each time left them feeling like there had to be an easier way to feed their little guy! With nothing on the market like they envisioned...PopYum was born!

The ways this innovative bottle has the potential to make sweaty mommy life easier if put into production are endless! Here's what we're most pumped up about: 

PopYum features.png
  • PopYum allows not just Moms but Grandmas, Dads/Grandads, older siblings and caregivers the ability of feeding babies within seconds and with one hand! Members of your tribe supporting your postpartum health goals can give you time away for yourself and reassurance that your little one is being cared for with bottles you’ve prepared.
  • PopYum also allows for anytime and anywhere feedings; day or night. Bottles can be preloaded, with the water and formula kept separately inside the bottle. So by preparing bottles at night, you can remove one task from your list before
    you head out the door for a run or workout the next day.
  • Imagine one hand on a stroller and the other with a hand weight at a mommy and me class when your little one starts crying. While still exercising, you use the one hand to pull the bottle from your stroller cup holder, push the button, give it a few shakes, and feed your little one. All while still participating in the group exercise!
  • You can measure and mix on the spot! There is no need to wait for bottles to warm up after being chilled for hours or carrying 4-5 different items. A few preloaded bottles in a baby bag and off to the playground without the worry of formula going bad.

A product that supports mamas nourishing our babies and ourselves; that’s a concept we should all consider when determining what products to bring into our homes.

Kim also intends to contribute 5% of proceeds towards supporting families with Lyme disease through the LymeLight Foundation. She shared with us “Our family has been personally affected by Lyme disease, so we know first-hand the devastating effects of the disease, the common misdiagnoses and the high cost of ongoing expenses related to chronic treatment.  It is our goal to bring awareness to this vicious disease and to help families who are in desperate need of quality care and treatment.”

Now can you imagine yourself singing a silly happy tune to your crying, hungry baby? POP, SHAKE, YUM! Just like this dad demonstrates, we hear the songs coming to a playground near you! 

PopYum makes an excellent baby shower gift or holiday gift for a mom with a little one to arrive in 2018. Imagine how supported a #fitmomtobe will feel when she opens up a thoughtful package that not only helps her postpartum fitness goals but also empowers another mom to chase her entrepreneurial dreams. The Kickstarter campaign is clear- the estimated delivery date is December 2017. But we all know how fast time flies so December will be here before you know it!

As we ask all of our mamas, we had to know…. how does Kim make her pb&j for Jordan? “With a whole lotta love and no crust.”

Photography credit: April Davidson Bly Photography


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Pulling the PB [&] J Out Of The Pantry

Pulling the PB [&] J Out Of The Pantry