Pop Up Profile: MummActiv

Pop Up Profile: MummActiv

Dear Pump the Bump,

I’m in my third trimester and I’m a pool of sweat after a workout. What exercise gear should I wear without having to buy all new clothes for just a few months?

- Tara, Australia

A great question- it took me ages to source the right material for @mummactiv lines. Eventually settled on a Malaga Performance one that is soft, lightweight with a silky touch. It has an exceptional cool touch to keep you cool at all times and the compression qualities provide support and the fabric stays in place. Bye bye cheap materials that don't last the distance or go see-through as soon as you wear them. One of the main missions of my label is creating fashionable pieces that you can wear PREGNANT/NURSING or NONE- the nursing clips are hidden, the pregnancy addition to the pants can be easily hidden- I call them all convertible- because they match where you are at.

Do you recall the day you decided to get into the maternity apparel industry and what about that day sparked the "lightbulb moment"?

The idea of activewear for mums in pregnancy and during the nursing stage came to me when I fell pregnant with my second son 18 months ago. As a devotee of workout queen Lorna Jane’s, I found it increasing difficult to find activewear that catered for my growing bump and particularly following the birth of little baby Sam. As a committed trainer, I feared that if the lack of appropriate clothing was making me uncomfortable working out – that many women who were already struggling to keep fit during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby, would give up altogether if they didn’t feel confident in what they were wearing.

I was training with the advice of my doctors and ran up to 32 weeks for cardio fitness – I found it really hard and had to continue to wear my normal gym gear, in bigger sizes, as everything else in the market was hideous in style and sizing and completely nonfunctional. When Sam was born, I was in the gym four days after birth and my frustrations continued with not being able to find stylish activewear for my current stage (Breastfeeding) and so found myself continually having to interchange sports crops with nursing bras. From this the seed for Mummactiv was planted.

The philosophy of MummActiv is about trying to help mums stay active and break down the barriers to what is stopping them from partaking in an active pursuit – for a lot of mums, it’s that they feel they don’t look good and aren’t comfortable and don’t want to join in – that really takes us back to years ago when being pregnant was almost like being ill and stopped you from doing things.


What was the first piece of clothing your company designed? How different was the first design compared to what you offer for sale now?

It was the String It Nursing Crop and it is very similar to my first sketches.. There is not much changed as I spend a lot of time creating the image in my head- spend days visually picturing it and how it will work with the functional aspect of our pieces.


What is the most common question you receive about being in the apparel industry ?

Where were you five years ago?.. as there was nothing for them. The second question is how to buy- on the smaller or larger size.

BONUS TIP! If you're in your first trimester, find a bra that can grow with you. Woman buy my bras half way through their pregnancy and find they still wear them as they are breastfeeding friendly with nursing clips and fabric insert to provide greater privacy. With the way the fabric is it molds to the body and provides a comfortable support even in those last few weeks where you just want to let it all hang out...

Where do you see the movement of women being fit and active while pregnant headed in 2017? How do you/your product fit into the movement?

As active fashion becomes more of a trendsetter in 2017- it will be even more important for mummactiv to keep producing pieces to help keep mums stylishly active. At The Trend Spotter, they define it as both practical and completely fashionable- exactly what mummactiv aims to produce. In 2017 we are launching a new swim/run nursing top that is functional and fashionable- spreading the trend to even more active pursuits. There are also LBL shorts coming shortly that will help give the confidence to mums to workout if they have slight leakage.

What’s one piece of priceless advice or assistance given to you that you wish other people received too? 

Listen to your body! If you feel you can pump the bump get in there and do what you can. Pregnancy doesn't last forever and you can get back to where you were- just maintain:)

Favorite Hashtags: #activemumrevolution, #fitmomsofig, #pumpthebump

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