Pop Up Profile: Gundalow Juice

Pop Up Profile: Gundalow Juice

No one births a small business overnight. It takes time, energy, love, care, and support to turn a curious idea into a self-sustaining entity. The Pump the Bump community is filled with risk-takers and change agents — those women who keep pushing when the coffee has run out and sleep feels more like a nap. We want the mompreneurs and the family-run start ups of today to succeed because your idea may shape our tomorrows. And if we rally for each other, our #fitfamily will grow in strength and numbers. Today we launch our profile series because when your business "POPS!" it's a champagne celebration for everyone!  

Every profile will contain a question from our readers, pay it forward advice, behind-the-scenes insights about the business and a fun favorite hashtag. Want to submit a question or participate in the profile series? Email pumpthebump@gmail.com

We officially kick off the series with a profile on Gundalow Juice. They are fueling your ambitions and ensuring pregnant women reduce their risks while taking a taste of the juicing trend.

Frosty Gundalow

Dear Pump the Bump,

Is juicing healthy while pregnant? Can I drink it all throughout pregnancy? 

- Julie, Portland, Oregon

You should always talk to your doctor about incorporating new foods into your diet while pregnant. Drinking juices can be a great way to enjoy fruits and vegetables while pregnant though there are some important distinction you should make when choosing a juice. High pressure processed juices and/ or pasteurized juices are safe for pregnant women to enjoy. This is because the juice has undergone a process (HPP) that helps eliminate harmful bacteria and other organisms that could be harmful. I do not recommend fresh pressed juices while pregnant. In fact, juices that are not processed are required to carry a label that says they are not recommended for women who are pregnant. This is part of the reason why Gundalow Juice uses HPP to process its juices -- we want everyone to be able to enjoy them safely. Juices should be enjoyed in moderation, one to two per day. You should never "juice fast" while pregnant.

What makes Gundalow Juice special?

We focus on making the best tasting juice available and use only the best ingredients. We do not dilute our juices with water or add extra sugar or preservatives so you are getting the best and pure nutrition.

Where can I find Gundalow?

You can find us online. We ship nationwide! And our presence is growing -- we're in many stores and cafes in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Whole Foods. From January 9th-January 23rd you can actually win a free week of custom made meals by our sister company, Gundalow Gourmet, by purchasing a case of Gundalow Juice. For more contest details, click here.

What’s one piece of priceless advice or assistance given to you that you wish other people received too?

The baby steps (pun intended!) always add up. Celebrate every victory, because every time you try something different you are changing your life!

What's your favorite social hashtag?  #sailwindward

To learn more about their products and follow their journey head over to Gundalow Juice and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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