Pop Up Profile: Go Strong Fitness

Pop Up Profile: Go Strong Fitness

Dear Pump the Bump, 

I can't get consistent about fitting in "me time" to workout alone. What are some tips for making time to get in exercise while running a family of 4?

- Alexa, France

Running a family is serious work! It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life but we must remember that we are better to our families, jobs and businesses when we are at our best; physically and mentally. Just as we schedule time for our children's sports, meetings with teachers and doctor appointments, we must set mandatory appointments for ourselves as well. Whether it is 30 or 60 minutes, set this time aside as a non-negotiable appointment for yourself. This will allow you to center yourself which will empower you to take on the many daily tasks of the day.

How does being a mom of two girls influence how you see yourself as a competitor and an entrepreneur?

Being a mom of two girls inspires me daily to #gostrong! This means no matter the failures, set-backs, challenges-I never give in to my weaknesses but always Go Strong. Hence my business motto, Never Weak, Go Strong. I set big goals and go after them with full tenacity. I want both of my girls to see me as a role model, so I actively aspire to do things that promote my personal and professional growth. I see myself as a fearless, optimistic go-getter who has a heart to help others.

Although bodybuilding and power-lifting are both very competitive, I really focus on competing with myself. My main goal is to always be better and stronger than the woman I was yesterday. In the process of enriching myself and breaking my own limitations, I hope to inspire my girls, family members, friends, clients and followers to do the same.

What aspect of your fitness career has been the most challenging to maintain as a mom?

As a wife and mother of two, finding time to work on myself is so challenging! I work full time as a teacher while running my fitness company, GoStrong Fitness, LLC, maintaining my personal fitness and carrying out my reading specialist certification through tutoring. Time is always of the essence. I literally plan out every hour of my week to ensure that I fit in my daily motherly and wifely duties and also make time to prep my meals, meditate and pray and workout. For me, routines are very important as they give me structure and visually show what my time is being devoted to. It is inevitable that plans will change throughout the week but starting off with an ideal schedule is the best way to start each week.

Of all the entrepreneur roles you have, what role are you most proud of and want to be best known more?

I do a lot in my fitness business but I want to be known for positively impacting someone's health. I want my clients to be able to say: GoStrong Fitness is the reason why I no longer have to take hypertension medicine, is the reason I was able to stay fit during/after pregnancy is the reason that I feel confident again, is the reason that I discovered how to maintain my IBS or is the reason that I am now able to keep up with children. Losing pounds is important but creating longer, stronger, healthier lifestyles is the heart of my business.

Where do you see the movement of women being fit and active while pregnant headed in 2017? How do you/your product fit into the movement?


I believe pregnant women of 2017 will continue the movement of challenging old-fashioned norms of sitting around, eating whatever you desire and giving up on personal goals because you are with child. Expecting mothers will silence the naysayers, seek guidance from their physicians and listen to their bodies while setting achievable goals during and after their pregnancies. Because of physicians, like my OB/GYN Dr. Cannon, are beginning to agree more and more that exercising while pregnant has undeniable benefits, more women will begin to not be so fearful and stay active while pregnant. The movement of 2017 will be fit, strong and active is the new standard for pregnancy and Bellies & Barbells will help!

My project, Bellies & Barbells is a complete series that inspires women to stay active during all trimesters through innovative workouts. These are the exact workouts that I used while expecting that helped me stay healthy and in-shape during pregnancy, have a smooth labor and delivery and incredible postpartum experience.

What’s one piece of priceless advice or assistance given to you that you wish other people received too?

Listen to your body and your physician is the best advice that I was given while pregnant. I was closely monitored through my entire pregnancy by my trusted OB/GYN who knew and supported my history of bodybuilding and power-lifting. I actually switched doctors because my previous doctor's beliefs did not align with current medical research that supported prenatal exercise. It is very important to find a doctor that understands and listens to your goals and desires.

Throughout my pregnancy I had family and friends who supported me but I also had many people who disapproved of how I chose to exercise. They believed that I was being selfish and careless for continuing my workout regimens. As a trainer, professional bodybuilder and world-champion power-lifter I had the knowledge that I needed to adjust my workouts according to my growing baby. I also had trainers around me that supported me throughout my journey by pushing me to appropriate levels and ensuring that I had proper form, which was paramount to working out safely and effectively. I am well aware that "extreme fitness", as some consider power-lifting and crossfit, is not for everyone but it is what MY body was accustomed to and what MY body needed during MY pregnancy.

As women, we must follow our knowledge and intuition not what others say or think. We must take charge of our fitness and do what is best for our bodies during our pregnancies. Besides our doctors, no one knows what is best for our bodies during the incredible journey of becoming a mother.

Favorite Hashtag: #neverweakgostrong is my business motto. It represents not giving in to weaknesses but Going Strong through every obstacle.

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