Happy Galentine's Day!

Happy Galentine's Day!

Of all the silly social holidays, Galentine's Day has to be one of our favorites! 

You and your friends may be receiving cards and gifts from spouses, partners or boyfriends/girlfriends but one more sweet note from a gal pal may turn out to be the message they need most today. 

We teamed up with stationary enthusiast Pretty by Post to share some fun phrases to celebrate friendship this Galentine's Day! Take 2 minutes to mail a handwritten note, send a text, or drop a social comment with one of the quick messages below to celebrate your favorite fitness friends today. You can also check out our IG stories to send prepared messages in the click of one button! 

I'm grateful for your friendship

Real queens fix each other's crowns

You inspire me more than you know

You are one fierce mama 

Friends don't let friends mom alone 

A smart girl knows her limits but a wise mama knows she has none 

Life is tough my darling but so are you

Embrace the glorious mess you are 

You motivate me to be a badass

I got you whether you ask me to or not

We're more than friends; we're a really small gang

Keep going after everything other friends said you would not achieve 

Good things come to mamas who hustle 

You're a little sass and A LOT of badass

Consider rekindling your love with old school paper! Check out why Pretty by Post founder Danielle remains a paper junkie and how's she's bringing back the personalized touch with our stationary. 

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