Pop Up Profile: Bao Bei Maternity

Pop Up Profile: Bao Bei Maternity

Dear Pump the Bump,

I get worried that I'll wear a belly band too tight and it will be unhealthy for the baby. How will I know?

Andrea, Denver, USA

You want a comfortable hug. Something that makes you feel better not like you can't wait to take it off. If it fits properly, you will wear it throughout a good portion of your day and feel more comfortable all around.

What led you to start making the connections between a sports bra for a woman's chest and a sports bra for a pregnant belly?

It just makes sense. The core muscles are like a cylinder that wrap around the woman's midsection. When they get the proper support during pregnancy, women stay more active & more comfortable. We see women stay more connected to their core and their posture is improved.

How has your background in physical therapy informed your apparel design?

All of the support garments on the market were lacking function. They didn't support the core area the way I wanted my PT patients and clients to be supported. They also had not ever been updated by a Physio who had Women's Health experience and I thought it was time for a fresh perspective. Clearly, the market was ready for innovation.

Where do you see the movement of women being fit and active while pregnant headed in 2017? How do you/your product fit into the movement?

We are ahead of the movement curve so Bao Bei Maternity is ready! Our support bands are the most advanced on the market so they are built to keep up with any activity - from light to intense. We see women staying active longer with more knowledge of what is actually going on with their body. Women are trying activities that have not been seen as traditional 'prenatal exercise' in the past. We enjoy educating women on this process so we will be right there with them as they conquer their 2017 fitness goals.

What’s one piece of priceless advice or assistance given to you that you wish other people received too?

Make sure you participate in self care, exercise and wellness on a weekely basis. The support you give your body during pregnancy will not only help with your postpartum recovery but will improve your overall health into your future years.

Favorite Hashtags: #fitpregnancy #SupportTheBump

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