Mother's Day Gift Fit Guide

Mother's Day Gift Fit Guide

For this Mother's Day we're all about small tokens that promote self-care!

So when your spouse, your child or even your own mother asks you what you want, this year be ready to forward them our 2018 Mother's Day Gift Fit Guide! We are sharing a few of our favorite practical gifts for under $50 that can make life as a mama a little less exhausting. 

Designed for family members are last minute gifters, just click on the images below to order them from Amazon and have them shipped directly to mom even days before May 13th. 

If your body hasn't already sent you the wake up call... pregnancy brain and mom brain are a real thing. Forgetfulness is your new normal. So set yourself up to not waste time looking for critical life items like your keys, phone, or diaper bag. Add these stylist finders from Tile Inc. to your favorite things and increase the odds of getting to your gym class or a playdate on time! 

Drinking a full cup of coffee or tea with two hands in a single sitting as a parent is often compared to a unicorn siting. But reheating in a microwave 10 times before seeing the bottom of the mug can be solved thanks to Mr. Coffee's warmer! Simply pour your drink of choice one time into your favorite mug and go about mom life while that warm cup awaits your return. Bonus- you can buy a 2-pack if you're kind enough to share! 

Even active moms need to take time to elevate those feet. Proper blood flow is critical to maintaining long term health. This stylish portable table from Design Style can give you the best excuse to sit down to write thank you notes, read, or journal all while giving those feet a well deserved few moments of rest. 

Sure a caddy can be handy at a spare diaper changing station, but this caddy from Skip Hop can be a practical gift for mom too! Stop lugging like items around the house and give yourself one easy grab mobile storage device for snacks, a towel, a resistance bands, and water so as soon as you get home you reduce to excuses to get in a good stretch session! Plus during postpartum night feedings, there is a light in the handle to make finding items easier without distirbing anyone. 

Have you tried an erasable journal that you can track task lists or random thoughts that you only need to remember for a period of time? This Elfinbook notebook allows you to wipe away a page at time or get a full blank slate by putting the entire notebook in the microwave. It's a unique approach to journaling or multi-tasking with less mess and waste! 

Want to follow the age old practice of napping while your little one naps? Well go ahead and give those eyes a rest with this bluetooth eye mask by Lavince. Put down the phone, slip on the mask, listen to a podcast and enjoy some "me time". 

Add some personality to the Elfinbook journal with these retractable erasable Pilot pens that come in black and the variety pack shown above!  Doodle, brainstorm baby names, or write out future fitness goals, with less pressure to find all the perfect words in one sitting! It's like crossing off a task list but even better! 

Do you feel guilty saying no? Let this hilarious button by Zany do the talking for you! Sometimes the best self-care moments happen when we stop taking on more activities than we have the time and energy to handle. 

If making memories is how you feel special on Mother's Day than act quick and pick out a little something for yourself from our Sweaty Mommy Survival shop! You, and the entire family, can step out on Sunday in a statement shirt that shows how you care for yourself and your crew! 

Toddler shirt.jpg
Baby onsie.jpg

It would hard to forget this Mother's Day if you had a family photo in these shirts as a daily reminder of how fierce you are as a mother and family!  

Looking for more of our familiar gift ideas with some fitspiration? 

Gift Guide.PNG

Check out all the amazing discounts you can receive by using a special Pump the Bump coupon codes from some of our favorite brands at the bottom of our Products We're Pumped About page!

Plus you can still visit our 2017 Holiday Gift Fit Guide for an additional 50 ideas for you or other mom friends! 

Take care of yourself this Mother's Day mama. Feeling fit is not about the number on the scale. It's about your strength to endure the highs and the lows of motherhood and keeping your heart healthy enough to love on those little ones for as many years as you can! 

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