Thursday, September 14, 2017, 9AM-6PM

The Accelerator Space: 417 Benninghaus Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212


A promotional, styled fitness photoshoot complete with 6 different stations, designed to showcase the brands & businesses who support women in maintaining a fit pregnancy and family lifestyle.


After your brand/business/product/service has been professionally styled and photographed, Pump The Bump will specially feature your brand in dedicated blog and social media posts. By choosing certain packages, your product will also get selected to be included in curated "swag bags" to other mom bloggers with large followings, who are incentivized to promote your brand. 





  • Get featured on Pump The Bump's social media, website and newsletter with over 60K+ followers

  • Your products & company info will be assembled in curated swag bags to over 10, specially selected social media influencers, all with 10K+ followers each


  • April Davidson Bly will capture your products in 6 health & wellness photoshoot stations complete with: props, decor, food & beverage, equipment and models with professional hair & makeup.

  • Use your photographs for branding collateral or as professional images on your social media and website



Limonata Creative will take your product(s) and incorporate them tastefully & beautifully in the appropriate lifestyle sets and/or on models. Providing your business with compelling art direction and imagery.


Q: What photoshoot stations will my products be featured in on the day of the photoshoot?

There will be 6 total photoshoot stations, styled by Limonata Creative Consulting (example images depicted below). Once you've purchased your ticket, Limonata Creative will help guide you on which photoshoot station and products your brand would best be represented in. She will share with you specially made moodboards and color palettes for each station to assist you on product selections.


Q: Would I be able to see the moodboards of the stations designed by Limonata Creative Consulting before purchasing a ticket so I can get a better idea of the "look" of the stations?

Absolutely! Please contact Giulietta at to obtain a moodboard for the station best suited for your product(s). 

Q: What package & pricing options do you have available to participate?


Our pricing options are as follows:


Q: What are the steps for participating?

  1. Select your participation level from one of the pricing options above.
  2. Purchase tickets on Pump The Bump's Eventbrite page. Password: pumpthebump
  3. We will email you an event contract which will need to be signed and returned.
  4. Mail your product(s) to Erin G. no later than Friday, August 25th to the following address: 1040 Park Avenue, Suite 300, Baltimore, MD 21201
  5. Your item(s) will be featured in the Fitness From Bump To Baby Photoshoot!
  6. Your items will be returned to you; Or if applicable, your item(s) will be included in swag bags, mailed to additional mom social media influencers

Q: What are the deadlines/due dates for participating?

  • Participation Ticket Purchase: Friday, August 25, 2017
  • Signed Contract: Friday, August 25, 2017
  • Shipping Deadline: Products must be received by Friday, August 25, 2017

Q: Who will be responsible for paying shipping to/from the photoshoot or to additional bloggers?

Vendors will be responsible for paying shipping to/from the photoshoot or additional bloggers.

Q: When will I receive the photos?

Photos will be available 6 weeks after the photoshoot date.

Q: How will I receive the photos?

Photos will be shared in a password protected, online gallery where you can download them.

Q: Will I be able to purchase hard copies of the photos?

Yes, there will be an option to purchase hard copies of the photos in the online gallery.

Q: What are the usage rights of the photos?

Sponsor may make reproductions of Pump The Bump’s portfolio of the event for editorial use or to display within sponsor’s social media or website. Pump The Bump assigns and grants the Sponsor the right to use photography of Pump the Bump’s or in which Pump The Bump may be included. When featuring any portion of Pump the Bump’s portfolio of event, Sponsor agrees to credit Pump the Bump, April Davidson Bly, Limonata Creative and any other brands visible in the photos online or any social media posts for their work. 

Q: Will other brands and people be able to use the photos besides my own brand/business?

Yes, Pump The Bump, April Davidson Bly and Limonata Creative will be using the event photos on their websites, in their portfolios and/or on social media. If more than one brand is pictured in any of the photos, all parties will agree to credit the other brands visible in the photos online or in any social media posts for their work. 

Q: Will I be able to submit the photos to print publications or use them for large scale advertisements, such as billboards?

Yes, but you have to obtain a release form from April Davidson Bly before doing so. Please contact April at for more information.

Q: Will I be able to attend the photoshoot on the day-of?

Unfortunately only models, businesses providing day-of services, and/or other "invite only" photographers, bloggers and social media influencers will be invited.

Q: Will I be able to participate and be featured if I donate my products/services to you?

Vendors are welcome to donate their products, which Pump The Bump will make available to other fit mom bloggers/fit mom community. However, only vendors who have purchased tickets to this event will have their products professionally styled, photographed and featured on Pump The Bump's own website and/or social media. To purchase tickets, click here.

Q: Will you have videography available as well as photography?

Video services can be provided for an additional premium. Please contact Erin at for more information. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

No refunds or reimbursements will be made available once a ticket purchase has been made. Vendors can ultimately choose to cancel or delay sending products until after the due date (August 25th), however this will nullify our obligations to provide you with professional styling, photography and or being featured on Pump The Bump's own website and/or social media.