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This special invitation was sent to fewer than 10 moms. I'm looking for a select squad to weigh in on my
2018 Pump the Bump goals and participate in prototype reviews before the general public! 


A Bit About You

This squad consists of women who I feel bonded to through our social stories yet we have never met. You are all driven, competitive, high energy, fierce women who are also deeply loving, warm mamas. You are all inspirational role models for your family, friends, and followers who are also open about your struggles with motherhood, self-care, and body positive perspectives. But for as much as you have in common, you are also a dynamic group of ladies with unique personal stories, diverse racial backgrounds, and in the thick of different parenting stages.  

I know you're curious to know who else received access to this private page! I promise to disclose the list after the prototype reviews are complete. I want the feedback to be as independent and candid as possible. 

A Bit About Me 

While you know my "Pump the Bump" and "Sweaty Mommy Survival" personalities, only a few of you know the woman behind the scenes. My name is Erin Galloway, I currently live in Baltimore, MD and I've spent most of my career in higher education. I'm a full-time working mom, co-parenting a 4-year-old and I've experienced a bumpy fitness journey in the past 5 years.  The year before my daughter was born I was in the best physical and mental condition of my life. My healthy pregnancy inspired Pump the Bump and maintaining an active lifestyle with an infant was manageable. During that time, my job offered the flexibility to make regular classes and my gym friends loved holding a baby during my workouts. Then my career moved to a 9-5 desk job, my daughter was a mobile toddler, and morning/nighttime routines became more demanding; making time for trips to the gym felt overwhelming. I tried multiple home options, fell out of routine, a hint of depression set in, and I was finding more excuses than solutions. 

The irony is during the last year I became more open to hearing all the other fit women confessing their health struggles. Now 2+ years into Pump the Bump, the message of #pregnantnotpowerless is becoming more mainstream but we still offer limited solutions on how to support moms maintaining a fit lifestyle as a family. As a result, I launched Sweaty Mommy Survival. Suddenly long-time followers, along with many new faces, disclosed they couldn't keep up their goals postpartum and the #momguilt was setting in for them too. With each connection, my solution-focused perspective reemerged. Then a "lightbulb moment" brought me to you! 


I set 2 BOLD goals for 2018:

  1. Establish a kid-friendly fitness product line that instills exercise fundamentals in children ages 0-4 and help them get into a routine of making positive, healthy choices. I've partnered with fellow mompreneur from My Baby's Heartbeat Bear to produce the first product and a full lifestyle brand is under development!
  2. Launch a subscription service for moms that merges 5-15 minute workout routines with early childhood activities so moms are building their core strength while their kiddos are engaged in purposeful, creative play. I've partnered with blogger and former elementary school teacher best known as Run Like Kale to design program guides, activity sheets, shopping lists, and more! 

By April 2018 I will go live with a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to have available funds for production, distribution, and marketing of both concepts by June 2018. I'll still maintain my full-time job but these funds can help compensate my partners and get high-quality products on the market by this summer. I'll also build an affiliate program from the beginning for moms interested in business collaborations. 

Does this plan seem disconnected from the Pump the Bump content you're familiar with? It may appear so BUT I have spent my career with moms of all income levels struggling to solve 3 common problems- the lack of time, the lack of energy, and the lack of ways to spend quality time with their kids. With my academic and professional background in child development and early childhood education, I've spent over 20 years trained to see the connections between choices moms make and the outcomes those choices have on their child(ren). So why not apply what I do best during the day to my passion project? Sometimes you have to be smacked in the face with the most obvious ideas sitting right in front of you!


As savvy women, I've seen how you hustle and how resourceful you are. I'm looking for direct, candid input from moms within the target audience and those I can trust to follow through with pilot-testing. We all know that if you want to get something done, give it to a busy mom who already knows how to make $h!t happen! 

If you agree to participate, within 5-7 days you will receive: 

  1. 1 prototype product 
  2. 1 sample mommy + me workout and activity guide 
  3. A nondisclosure agreement so we're on the same page about expectations
  4. Access to another private page with guidance on how to use the items and provide quick feedback on your experience

Then within 2 weeks of receiving the package, you will test the items and answer guided questions on core decisions such as: 

  1. Should any critical changes be made to the prototype design? 
  2. Should any critical changes be made to the sample workout and activity guide? 
  3. Are these two concepts distinctly different or should they be combined into one package?
  4. What price points are realistic? 
  5. Which messages are clear, relatable, and would inspire you to use the products? 


Send an email to to start the conversation and discuss any initial questions you have! To expedite the process, please include your full name, shipping address, age(s) of your child(ren).