Thanks for joining us as we travel together through our #fitpregnancy and #fitmom journeys. 

The information you see on this site, on social media, and in our newsletter is free to readers and subscribers but represents many, many hours of time and research for our team. If I am going to post messages about knowing your worth, I should do the same for myself. My time is valuable, and it seems appropriate to accept some compensation for being the lead connector and curator on behalf of this community. It’s important to me that this process be transparent but minimally unobtrusive to you.  

We mostly participate in affiliate programs, but occasionally I accept advertising from companies that fit our mission. These sources of income allow us to continue to build our meaningful community while also showing support for mompreneurs, fitness professionals, and bloggers who are also members of this incredible movement. 

We strive only to promote products and professionals that we believe will add value to members of our Pump the Bump community. We continue our commitment to being honest and upfront with you, as we believe that authenticity is an essential part of our values. 

What we do and don't promote

We do our best to contemplate products, making sure the products we promote are ones that members of our team will use (or wish it was available when they were in a particular stage of life!)

We intend to provide various options for products, as our community is diverse with varying needs. We are not one size fits all.  We rely on research and reviews from other #fitmoms to test and verify the quality of the products in fitness settings, if we have not had the opportunity to use them personally. 

Sometimes, we will also provide product reviews. While we may receive the product for free to try it out, we do not receive compensation for the review itself. This way we can provide honest feedback about the product without any conflict of interest. 

What is an affiliate link/referral link?

In some of our social posts and throughout the website, you will see information about our use of affiliate or referral links. This information is formally called “a disclosure statement,” is required by the United States Federal Trade Commission. The purpose is to let you know that I have formal relationships with a particular product or service and that I will get a small commission if you decide the make a purchase using the link. My relationship is at no extra cost to you, but it does give us the resources to keep pursuing our mission. 

Thank you for continuing to walk this journey with us. 


Erin, Founder of Pump the Bump