The Founder 

Pump the Bump & Sweaty Mommy Survival was conceived by Erin. A toddler mom, a people connector, a penny-pincher and a doughnut connoisseur. She works full-time for a real estate development firm and fits in fitness between mommy duties and dream chasing. While pregnant, she is most proud of her commitment to making her 5:30am workout sessions 5 days a week until 39 weeks. As a mom, she is still beaming from launching "Momma Move" as a new way to celebrate Mother's Day through family fitness activities and promoting women-owned small businesses.  

Her vision for both brands is evolving but is confident that one day is will provide income for multiple moms across the country who are looking to improve the health and wellness in their own homes and committees. 


Sweaty Mommy Survival Co-Creator 

Angela is a mom to a rambunctious toddler, trying to navigate this crazy, fun, scary, hilarious, uncharted territory while keeping a tiny human alive and maybe enjoying a cup of coffee that hasn’t had to be re-heated 10 times…maybe. She is all about showing mamas that it is possible to work out with a toddler as your trainer! As an avid runner, former elementary teacher, and home-based workout enthusiast, she enjoys testing out new ways of combining her passion for fitness, motherhood, and play-based learning. Angela is someone who loves to continually learn new things and doesn't believe that pregnancy or motherhood should have to hold you back from growing and chasing your dreams. Since becoming pregnant with G, she has learned to sail a boat, fly a plane, become a running coach, get certified as a yoga instructor, and teach HIIT classes throughout her pregnancy.Check out her adventures by following her on Instagram and her blog

Blog Editor

Staci is a clinical social worker who likes to say ”yes!” Erin needed an assistant for Pump the Bump, so she said ”sure!” She loves her FIT4MOM mamas in Santa Clarita Valley, so she said “absolutely!” to being their membership director. Her FIT4MOM friends start running, so she said “oh boy, I guess...” and now she has a couple 5K’s under her belt and is training for a 10K. While staying home with (and sometimes saying “no” to) her 2.5 year-old, she also works full-time from home for a startup healthcare tech company. She is an advocate at fitness at any size and likes to walk that walk (or run that run) whenever she can. 

Mom Squad Contributors

Morgan is a freelance writer and blogger, proud wife to her U.S. Marine husband, and new mom to baby Killian. Getting back into fitness with a baby has been harder than expected, but Morgan is determined! Make sure to follow her ongoing journey on Instagram and on her blog

Erin is a wife, working mom, and run coach who has a 1.5 year old daughter and is expecting baby #2 in late May. Her background as a college basketball player and experiences as a military officer motivate her to maintain an active lifestyle and channel her “inner athlete” through pregnancy and postpartum. Go follow her on Instagram for inspiraiton! 

Paige is a traveling nurse turned traveling Mom. Her family only owns what they can fit into their one car, packed around two car seats, so they can live in different cities across the US each year. She works out wherever she can find the space and the time, so you'll likely find her doing squats at the park while wearing a baby or two.